Yram Cobain

Fashion and Decor

Slutty Gacha Outfit  PROMAGIC for @The Fetish FairRare


Pier Rare Frayed Knot for @SaNaRae
Double Garbage Bin Frayed Knot for @SaNaRae
Garbage Bin Frayed Knot for @SaNaRae
Fishung Rod Frayed Knot for @SaNaRae
Fishing Sing Frayed Knot for @SaNaRae
Pier Lamp Frayed Knot for @SaNaRae
Wood Chair Light Frayed Knot for @SaNaRae


Inna.Playsuit Pixicat
Cara 1 pose ::Verocity:: 

*Floofy Felines* Hold Me JIAN
Cats At Play  /T/L/C/


*Sushi Monster* Table Aphrodite Shop for @CCB  
*Sushi Monster* Truck Aphrodite Shop for @CCB
*Sushi Monster* Japanese Lantern Aphrodite Shop for @CCB
Tropical Palm Tree [NC]
Fruit rubber ring Pineapple ~Le Coq D'or~  
Ibiza Bag Serenity Style 
Summer Beach Floats Serenity Style 
Surf Board Frayed Knot


Fiona Outfit :LFE:
Cadillac Pose *CS* for @Lost & Found
Charmeleon Phone ~Le Coq D'or~ for @Lost & Found


Mauricette Sofa  Serenity Style  for @SaNaRae 
Mauricette Armchair Serenity Style  for @SaNaRae
Mauricette Tables Serenity Style  for @SaNaRae
Mauricette Pots Serenity Style  for @SaNaRae 
Wooden Dragonfly Garnet ~Serenity Style~ for @Fantasy Gacha Carnival  
Wooden Dragonfly Bambu ~Serenity Style~ for @Fantasy Gacha Carnival  
Camping Deco Tent Bag Aphrodite Shop for @Tres Chic 
Companion Pup Sable JIAN / Gacha
Snuggly Pup Bed JIAN / Rare 
*Wedding Nautical* Lilies {YD} for @Tres Chic
Tin planter - hanging Shutter Field / Group Gift
Brazier planter - light m&c Shutter Field / Group Gift
Stool with books Shutter Field / Group Gift


Addams // Tini Flare Outfit
Star Dust Hair  [Mello] for @Whimsical
*CS* Smile My Friend - Pose for Men Only Monthly

Country Val Apple Basket Serenity Style 
Life is Wonderful Rug Serenity Style 
New Air House Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby / Rare  
Watermelon Punch Bowl *Frangipani Garden* for @Whimsical
Watermelon Punch Mug  *Frangipani Garden* for @Whimsical  
Skateboard Bad Unicorn / Group Gift
Stool with books Shutter Field / Group Gift
Tin planter - fern Shutter Field / Group Gift 
Tin planter - grass Shutter Field / Group Gift


*New Air* House Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby / Rare 
*New Air* Chair Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby
*New Air* Curtain Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby
*New Air* Tray Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby
*New Air* Table Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby
*New Air* Bench Serenity Style for @Shiny Shabby 
*Puzzle Alphabet* D  ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby
*Puzzle Alphabet* R  ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby
*Puzzle Alphabet* E ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby / Rare
*Puzzle Alphabet* A ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby / Rare
*Puzzle Alphabet* M Part 2 ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby
*Puzzle Alphabet* S Part 1 ~Your Dreams~ for @Shiny Shabby
*Puzzle Alphabet* DOT ~Your Dreams~ for Shiny Shabby/ Rare
Hibiscus Flower Cake *Frangipani Garden* for @Whimsical 
*Lady Pink* Suitcase [Toiz] for @Bon Voyage   
*Lady Pink* Sofa [Toiz] for @Bon Voyage 
Stool with Books Shutter Field / Group Gift
Tin Planter - Hanging Shutter Field / Group Gift
Shabby Cupboard Shutter Field / Group Gift


Friends 165 Pose Purple Poses for @Fetish Fair
Crown Candle Golden .birch.

Two Moons 🌙
Grcias Hermana por tanto 



The Kitty Bath Pose *CS* for @Fetish Fair 
 Lamplight moon and stars  ~Your Dreams~ for @The Crossroads / Rare 
Gotta Gacha'm All Sign STATEMENT  
Crown Candle Silver .birch.
Tin Planter Grass Shutter Field / Group Gift