Yram Cobain

Fashion and Decor

Papillon Dream Dress Moon Amore
[Mello] Touch Of Magic  [Mello] for @Enchantment / Ultra Rare 

Tale of Cinderella Crown Yokai for for @Enchantment / Rare
Tale of Cinderella Mouse Yokai for for @Enchantment
Tale of Cinderella Choker Yokai for for @Enchantment
Tale of Cinderella Mirror Yokai for for @Enchantment

Cinderella Party Cake Pink ~Your Dreams~ for @Enchantment
Cinderella Party Cupcake Pink ~Your Dreams~ for @Enchantment
Cinderella Party Table  Ribbon Blue ~Your Dreams~ for @Enchantment


Urumi Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^] for @Hairology
Gamer's Heart Necklace .{PSYCHO:Byts}. for @XOXO Hunt
Gamer's Heart Headset .{PSYCHO:Byts}. for @XOXO Hunt
Gamer's Heart Lollipop .{PSYCHO:Byts}. for @XOXO Hunt
Gwen Shirt [Synyster Creations]
Go Out With Me Marquee Fiasco for @Cosmopilitan
Heart 2 Pose (Bento) Sari-Sari


Louise Sweater Ibela Store
Love Letters Backpack Yokai for @On9 / UltraRare
Love Letters Earrings Yokai for @On9
Love Letters Wreath Yokai for @On9 / UltraRare
Love Letters Necklace Yokai for @On9
Love Letters Cotton Candy Yokai for @On9


Majesty Palace Wall Fiasco for @Enchantment
Majesty Palace Tower Fiasco for @Enchantment
Majesty Palace Entrance Fiasco for @Enchantment
Peach Valentines Tree Aphrodite Shop
Light Pink Valentines Tree Aphrodite Shop


Asuna Hair [^.^Ayashi^.^] for @WE LOVE RP 
Cinderella Corsage 1 Ble&S NAMINOKE for @Enchantment


All for Love Suitcase Serenity Style for @Deco(c)rate
Cookie Boxes A Dreamscapes   
Cookie Box Open Always Dreamscapes 
Jessi Tailor Dummy  Dreamscapes   / Group Gift
Jessi Box Pillows  Dreamscapes   / Group Gift
Jessi Box Cookies  Dreamscapes   / Group Gift
LOVE Boxes Dreamscapes 
Betty Board B Dreamscapes 
Betty Board A Dreamscapes 
Magic Butterfly Drip Cake 2 Aphrodite Shop
Love in Idleness Bouquet Rez 1 NAMINOKE for @The Coven


Louise Sweater Ibela Store


Lochan Outfir Gold PROMAGIC for @The Chapter Four / Rare
Potions Hair [Mello] for @The Coven 
Antheia Halo Crown .{PSYCHO:Byts}. for @The Coven
Stair 2 Pose BellePoses for @Suicide Dollz


A Love Touch Flowers Jars Serenity Style for @The Liaison Collaborative
A Love Touch Room Divider Serenity Style for @The Liaison Collaborative
A Love Touch Cabinet Serenity Style for @The Liaison Collaborative
Love Frames Dreamscapes  
Love Ladder Dreamscapes  
Love Boxes Dreamscapes  
Trunk Seat Shabby Shutter Fields for @On9
*Pandas Kissing* Cupid Panda (red) Yokai for @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*Pandas Kissing* Panda with Sign 3 Yokai for @Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Watch Speed  F16  GUTCHI for @MOM
My Little Boy 4 Pose Fashiowl Poses for @The Coven


LoveSick Day Crown Yokai for @The Coven
LoveSick Day Arrow Yokai for @The Coven
Heart 1 Pose (Bento)