Card holder Mori for @The Guardians
Simple Appartment Mori for @The Guardians / Rare
Pixel Heart Shelf Flamingo Mori for @The Guardians
Ladder Shelves Mori for @The Guardians
Pipes Light Painted Mori for @The Guardians / Gift
Ombre Plant Mori for @The Guardians
Bright Rug Mori for @The Guardians 
Flower Trunk KITE for @The Guardians 
Hula-Hoop KITE for @The Guardians 
Play Ball Alone KITE for @The Guardians 
Balloon Ellyfant Pink KITE for @The Guardians 
Ellyment KITE for @The Guardians 
Bath Time KITE for @The Guardians / Gift 
Head Ball KITE for @The Guardians
*Cute Frida* Flower Pot [ETNIA] for @Crossroads
*Cute Frida* Pink Protea Flower [ETNIA] for @Crossroads 
Hello Serenity Style for The Project Se7en / Gift 
Frame Cats Serenity Style for The Project Se7en / Rare
Bunny with Baloon Yokai for @The Project Se7en

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